About Us

Diane Ivory is a former Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police Fingerprint Expert and Crime Scene Examiner with over 29 years’ experience of working across London, Norfolk and Suffolk. Now she is sharing her passion in a much more fun and open platform with her fully interactive CSI events, where she shows you how to shine and join forces with your colleagues, friends and peers.

Having had a long and enjoyable career within fingerprints and forensics, Diane has a whole host of gory (and often funny) stories to tell, which she brings to her events and shares with her groups; a little snippet of one such story is “I remember going to examine a burglary where the offender had climbed through a small fan light window in a downstairs cloakroom.  The householder just couldn’t believe that a person could have fitted through such a small space, and was insistent it must have been a monkey!  Nothing I could say would convince her otherwise, and as I left the house with a couple of finger marks lifted from the point of entry, the lady was still convinced a monkey must have escaped from the zoo and she was then going to ring them up to tell them.”

We are based in Norfolk, but offer our services throughout the UK and will travel to wherever you need us.

Diane and her team will deliver your event with the utmost professionalism whilst retaining a strong element of fun into each area, so whether you are looking to build your teams skills, expand your knowledge to deliver in an educational setting, to give your class, year group or whole school pupils an insight into Forensics and CSI or simply to have a unique party experience, we will ensure you will enjoy and achieve all that you set out to.

Some of the professional qualifications Diane and her team have include Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Fingerprint Courses, Expert Witness Course, Fingerprinting Cadavers, Ridgeology, Scene Photography, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Scene Examiners Courses,  Fingerprint Laboratory Officer Course and Fire Scene Investigation.