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We love to work with young minds, engaging them in the fascinating world of Fingerprints and Forensics in a highly kinaesthetic way. Our teaching and learning encompasses the National Curriculum and is differentiated across Key Stages 1-5, working in all types of schools and colleges as well as with groups of home educated children.

We encourage both teamwork and independent learning and can cater for any number of students from a class right through to the whole school. We know how difficult it can be to accommodate visitors in the school, so we will work around your timetable without the need to “collapse” it to cause the least disruption to your day.

We are often asked into schools for enrichment days, career days, treat days, new student days, during science festivals and British Science Week (March 9th – 17th 2019) or simply to bring something a bit different to engage the students.

We also cater for staff with our team building activities which are ideal for inset days. Great for team bonding with the bonus that you can take what you learn during the event and teach it to your students.

Our range of activities will be tailored to work with you and your school, meeting time constraints and providing the learning outcomes you require in a fun and enthusiastic way.

If you're looking for some fresh ideas get in touch and we will help you to bring science to life in your classroom.

Discounted rates available during British Science Week (March 6th-15th 2020)! Please get in touch with us as there are limited places available.
CSI day - A crime has been committed and we are relying on your students to find out who did it! We will teach them all they need to know about fingerprint comparison and other forensic techniques to allow them to examine the crime scene and identify who the culprit is.
Fingerprint workshop - Students learn about fingerprints and each take a set of their own prints. Powder and lift finger marks and compare them against suspects prints to identify them.
Blood Workshop - Learn how we use maths to determine various aspects of the assault from the blood spatter left behind at the scene of the crime. A hands-on workshop using fake blood!
Shoemark Workshop - Here we look at how we can solve crimes by looking at shoemarks left behind at crime scenes. In this hands-on workshop, students learn how to make comparisons to determine which shoe left the clue and how we can link it to the criminal.

If any of the above is of interest to you and you'd like to book, or if you have a question or two then please Click Here to get in touch.

*Please note that in some cases Travel Costs may have to be added to your price.

Connor Dawson - Content Discovered

Diane is fantastic, funny, warm and welcoming. The ability to bring her wealth of knowledge to a fun environment is excellent.

Irined Buchem - Content Discovered

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Jason Parker - Content Discovered

Really enjoyable experience. Diane's personality made it.

Dave Hicks - University of East Anglia -

A great way to encourage team work and to be collaborative

Jo Holmes - University of East Anglia

Really fun and informative afternoon spent solving the crime with Forensic Minds. Great team building activity. Diane was very prepared and an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable.

Hannah Tough - University of East Anglia

A fantastic way to get teams working in a more practical and fun way

Sherri West - The Oak Tree Pub

Excellent night. Well done Diane even though you are ex old bill :) x

Neil Oldfield - Lockwell Electrical

Fantastic! - fun, informative and great banter!

David Atkins - The Oak Tree pub

Enjoyed examining the scene of the crime, looking for clues and using equipment.

Mark Ludwig - Lockwell Electrical

A really enjoyable and fun evening which kept the whole team very interested. Will definitely recommend to others

Sam King - Lockwell Electrical

I was a bit sceptical but was pleasantly surprised. An excellent evening.

Charlotte - University of East Anglia

Thanks. Great session, really engaging and fun

Olivia Cassidy - The White Hart pub

I had a great night, hosted by an amazing woman and I would recommend to anyone! :)

Paul Walker - Lockwell Elecrtical

My first experience of a CSI event. I recommned it highly. It was very enjoyabel

Maria Goodby - The White Hart Pub

We had a fab night. Had a team with people we didn't know but that really didn't matter, we were friends by the end.

Sam Osbourne - University of East Anglia

It was a very interesting and unique day. A refreshing change to “outdoor pursuits”

Charlotte Torbitt - University of East Anglia

A great introduction to the world of forensics, a chance to learn and practice new skills and enjoy resolving the crime!

Nick Spouncer - The Oak Tree Pun

Fantastic energy, super fun. Diane was lovely and so interesting to learn how to be a CSI

Eleanor Punting - University of East Anglia

Diane made it very informative

Trevor Smirt - University of East Anglia

Fantastic session working as a group. Lots of fun

Kirsty King - Norfolk Home Educators

"...it was a huge hit with the children. They have come away with new knowledge and enjoyed sharing it with family and friends. It was the right mix of information and activities and alternating from one to the other kept the children engaged. It's been a pleasurable experience dealing with Diane at Forensic Minds. Form start to finish nothing has been too much trouble. She runs a very accommodating and polite company"

Tracey Hutson Bissmire - Home Education Group

My 13 year old recently took part in a Forensic Minds workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. Diane was superb with the children

Keren Wright - Norfolk County Council

My team work in different areas and a lot of them had never met before today. We had a fantastic day getting to know each other and learning how each of us ticked.

Elizabeth Crump - Linton Village College

The students really enjoyed their day with you - it was really well organised and we've all learnt a lot about forensics! Hope to see you again soon.